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What Makes Us Different

CSLLC works with your brand to provide  Dynamic, Dependable Call Center Services that Deliver Results! 

We invite you to experience all we have to offer NOW! 


Strong Understanding of Client Needs

  • Our strategies are built around overcoming the challenges large organizations deal with when outsourcing.

  • First hand knowledge of outsourcing challenges.

Development of Personnel

  • Extremely effective at building strong agents and managers from varied backgrounds.

  • Committed to the development of front-line leadership.

  • Long-tenured management and support teams.

Direct Access to Desired Levels

  • Our clients get direct interaction of any level desired, from agents to Vice Presidents.

  • Account Management is on-site and works directly with Operations.

Pace of Business

  • We make changes quickly based on clients and the success of the campaign.

  • We move faster and more effectively.

Large Enough, But Not Too Large

  • We are large enough to provide the needed resources, but small enough that every client is critical to our business.


CSLLC and our team members have assisted many Fortune 500 corporations achieve maximum results from direct marketing efforts through our cultivated recipe of unique understanding and ‘know-how’, accompanied with our specially trained personnel, delivering undeniable returns from our call center solutions. This allows our clients to acquire new customers, while increasing loyalty and satisfaction from their current customer base.

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